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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 15, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this morning on "early today," too compromising. democrat put yet another key part of their health care plan on the chopping block. masterful. scientists observe some clever underwar antics by a species of octupus. a new telescope allowing scientists to look closer than ever before. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello. good morning, everyone.
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i'm dan kloeffler. today we begin with what price for passage. after months of debate and with just days left before their self-imposed holiday recess deadline, president obama and senate democrats are dropping yet another key part of their health care overhaul plan. in a last ditch all-out effort to win the support of a few luctant holdouts. the proposal would have expanded coverage to uninsured americans as young as 55 years old. it was included in the overall package as a replacement for a full blown public option which a handful of moderate democrats refuse to support. now after months of turmoil, liberal members are appearing to be ready to accept the loss of that medicare expansion if it means passing some measure of reform by the end of the year. capping a long running case aimed at the bush administration, a pair of advocaty groups are settling their lawsuit gets the executive office of the president after 22
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million missing e-mails were found by computer technicians. the groups were demanding the current white house produce documents from the previous administration claiming bush officials violated the law by failing to install an electronic system to safeguard documents. although the bush administration had previously acknowledged that millions of e-mails had gone missing, the plaintiffs believed far more were still unaccounted for. many of the document have since been tracked down, it's unclear whether they will ever be released to the public because of security concerns. government officials under the white house administration are looking for more data to clean up the mess left behind by the prior administration. today the obama administration will announce plans to transfer as many as 100 terror suspects to a state prison in illinois. white house officials say the government will acquire the nearly empty thompson correctional center located about 150 miles west of chicago.
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supporters say the plan will bring thousands of jobs to the area. critics point to added security concerns. the administration plans to try many guantanamo detainees in u.s. courts. others will be sent to their home countries or to other facilities overseas. the supreme court set to take on its latest case involving search and seizure in the digital age. justices agree to consider whether employees using company issued equipment are entitled to privacy rights under the u.s. constitution. it all stems from a case in california where a police officer was sending explicit text message to his girlfriend. after they were discovered by the police chief, an appeals court ruled those messages were private even though they were sent on a department issued pager. even that court acknowledged the need to explore further search and seizure in the 21st century. indiana police are looking for three bandits who drove an suv into a gun store. security cameras show how the
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suspects backed the stolen truck through the front window and began grabbing firearms off the shelves. in california nasa blasted an 800-pound telescope into orbit designed to capture a more detailed map of the universe. built at utah state university, the craft has infrared cameras snapping a photo every 11 seconds. they hope to will reveal information about approaching asteroids. an unfinished structure was demolished after it began sinking into the sand. the structure is the largest concrete structure ever imploded. officials say it will take four months to clean up that massive pile of rubble. a recovered volkswagon van stolen decades ago in washington will be auctioned off for
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charity. the owner first bought that vehicle for just $2,500 plans to bid on the auction. it's expected to go as high as -- how about this for a return, $60,000. not bad. now for a look at the national and regional weather, here's bill karins with the forecast. >> don't get used to the warmth. i'm warning you. >> all right. it's the middle of december. we shouldn't be too surprised but we've been spoiled. >> today is the last day of the nice, mild conditions. it's 40 in boston. 78 in miami. but look back to the midwest. minneapolis, minus 1. that's the actual temperature. that's not even windchill. that cold air has its eyes set on the east coast. today is the last warm day. the front will go through and then wednesday and thursday even into the upcoming weekend all of that cold air will settle over the east. 45, mild morning out there.
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foggy problems in the southeast like yesterday but the big story has been the rain. we had flooding rains from new orleans into southern portions of alabama and even into areas of georgia we've seen way too much water this fall into winter season and now we'll continue to watch this rain today and that will be the area of concern for flooding. light rain through southern georgia. heavier stuff by mobile back into the new orleans region. the forecast for today, that rain heads from new orleans into tallahassee. atlanta will see rain. same with savannah. the rest of the east should be okay with snow showers in northern new england. just get ready for that colder air. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. >> i told you it will be colder
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coming up. i'll show you just how much colder a little later. >> always in details. thank you, bill. exxon diversifies. obama lectures bankers. don't look now but dreaded bailouts are paying offhandsomely. your early business headlines are straight ahead. tiger woods is hlistening. when it comes to working your way back from scandal, chris brown is not the example to be following. the 49ers strike gold. a great holiday in philadelphia and one of the best soccer goals in the history of the game. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." i'm dan kloeffler. and here are some of your top headlines this tuesday morning. former vice president al gore is warning the u.n. climate conference in copenhagen that polar ice is disappearing faster than first thought. he says new research suggests
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the arctic ocean may be nearly ice free in the summer in as little as five years. that's much sooner than the year 2030 as forecast by u.s. government agency eight months ago. afghan officials say at least eight people were killed today when a suicide car bomb ripped through the afghan capital. the massive blast occurred near a hotel often used by westerners but unclear at this point if the hotel was the target. explosions also rocked downtown baghdad this morning where a series of car bombs killed three people. three blasts went off within minutes of each other. more teenagers are smoking marijuana this year after a decline in previous years. use of cocaine and methamphetamines are down. the use of prescription painkillers remains steady though. kids' use of cigarettes declined. scientist in australia are hailing the discovery of an
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octopus that collects coconut shells to make a shelter. they believe the unusually sophisticated behavior offers the first evidence ever of an invert bray animal using tools. clever. here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the dow today. dow opens at 10,501. the s&p nudged up seven and nasdaq climbed 21 points. looking at overseas trading this morning. nikkei fell 22 points. hang seng sank 271 points. wall street as you saw got the week off to a positive star but light trading volume means investors are still holding back waiting for solid signs of growth in the economy. markets moved higher monday after dubai got a $10 billion bailout of sorts to help pay off the debt from neighboring abu dhabi and also making headlines cadbury rejected kraft hostile take over bid yet again.
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this time cadbury upped the four year sales outlook making the candymaker a better buy. news that exxon mobile is betting big on natural gas. exxon shares dropped 4%. a major drag on the dow for the day. financials got a boost following word that citigroup and wells fargo are both ready to repay their loans from the government's troubled asset relief or t.a.r.p. program. that makes citi and wells fargo the last to get out from under the government's thumb. all of that led to treasury secretary timothy geithner to announce yesterday the government made money from bailout business. at first it was a $76 billion loss but now it looks like uncle sam could make a profit from its investments. that doesn't mean the banks are off the hook though. president obama addressed the bailed out banks at the white
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house yesterday criticizing them for taking taxpayer money but being tight fisted with loans for american businesses and with loan val that the president urged lenders to help rebuild the economy in "every possible way." finally, outdoor apparel maker northface is not laughing at one company's parity of its brand name. the company is run by a teenager calling itself the south butt now being sued by the northface for the line of clothing that sports the tag line never stop relaxing. a bit of a play on the northface line that says never stop exploring. keep both ends covered in cold weather. 49ers come up big on monday night and soccer goal in england called one of the best ever. plus, when in doubt, it's always nice to know superman is there to back you up. your early morning sports headlines straight ahead.
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a little bit of everything this tuesday morning. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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. good tuesday morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm barbara harrison. straight ahead, a surprise for president obama this morning. who supposedly is related to the commander in chief? >> metro is stepping up patrols after a rash of robberies. thick fog grounded flights and caused major headaches into the night at ronald reagan washington national airport. good morning, everyone. ju waking up, this is "early today." in sport, last night the arizona cardinals looked a sure thing to
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clinch the crown. this morning after they ran into the 49ers, it's a bit of a different story. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all of your sports headlines. >> good morning. the arizona cardinals had a chance to lock up the nfc west with a win but couldn't get it done against the san francisco 49ers. we pick it up in the second. smith connecting with michael crabtree over the middle. the second touchdown of the year and niners up 17-0. san francisco's defense was dominant. forced seven turnovers. this one in the fourth. niners upset the cards. red sox are close to signing a right hander to a five-year deal. the biggest move comes out of philadelphia. the national league champs on the verge of acquiring blue jays ace roy halladay in a three-team
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trade. in return for halladay, the blue jays will receive minor league prospects from seattle. vince carter with four pacers in his face threw up a no-look alley-oop. howard got the bucket. magic won it 106-98. in utah, a razzle dazzle on the break. dribd behind his back and laid it in. a move the globetrotters would have been proud of. not enough. timber wolves beat the jays. up the free kick. everyone caught by surprise when the ball was booted from midfield over the goalie's head a in. that's unbelievable. take another look. line drive from 60 yards out out of the goalie's reach. it's being hailed as one of the best ever in the premiere league. that's an early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >> thank you, fr. who is back together?
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who is breaking up? who lost custody of their child? your "early today" entertainment headlines straight ahead and plus a look at some auxiliary elves making santa extremely proud. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. today's forecast does feature
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rain in the southeast from atlanta, tallahassee through areas of south carolina including georgia and savannah. cold front through the ohio valley. temperatures plunging during the day today in chicago, detroit, and cincinnati. don't get used to this. the nice, warm air in place over new england today, look at what happens tomorrow. highs will be only in the 30s but it will be sunny. we really move into a colder weather pattern right through the end of this week. if you're watching us on nbc 3 in syracuse, new york, save a couple bucks and enjoy a brand new blockbuster movie with the whole family. a family film festival at the salina free library. that's your eastern event of the day. >> i hate to correct you. it's salina. i wish i had seenthat script earlier. >> i'll sit in the corner. >> that's the least of the punishment. thank you, bill. here's an early look at this
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morning's headlines and entertainment. it's taken time but chris brown may learn something about reality. the 20-year-old felon unleashed a profanity laden twitter fit. aside from twitter rants, courtney love lost custody of her daughter. not only together again, jude law and siena miller are moving in together in london. on the other hand, hollywood life quotes a source who who ins kate hudson and a-rod are "totally over." taylor swift celebrated her 20th birthday donating $250,000 to schools she's been associated with around the country. that money will pay for books, programs and teacher salaries.
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i got my finger crossed for this one. she just seems perfect, doesn't she? >> angelic. she's got halo over her head. >> she absolutely does. i'm rooting for her all the way. if something bad happens, i might not even -- >> don't jinx her. >> we're not going to. this comes from wmaq nbc 5 in chicago. santa has a young but very determined h ed helper. for a 13 year old a trip to the hospital five years ago changed his life after seeing sick kids staying there over the holidays he decided to start a toy drive. he ships toys to kids in hospitals. he doesn't take credit. he wants the kids to think the toys came from santa. all good things come from you're looking at a live
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picture of ronald reagan washington national airport where yesterday there were a lot of unhappy travellers. fog caused delays all day. more fog expected today. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i i'm joe krebs. let's get our forecast. >> some light fog around washington. in the rural areas thicker fog and temperatures are milder this morning. we're in the mid-40s all around the region. here are the latest visibility. only about a mile visibility in parts of montgomery, loudoun, fredericknd howard counties. elsewhere nothing fog this morning like yesterday morning but we may have a thickening it up as the morning progresses. considerable cloudiness this morning. sun this morning with breezes kicking in and temperatures warming to the low to mid-50s.
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colder tomorrow. tomorrow morning near freezing with a cold wind and then cold weather in place, a cold wave coming. in place on wednesday through the weekend. jerry, how is the traffic? >> good morning. we're doing pretty well. in from the west along interstate 66 from manassas on in no early hangups. be careful. the potential for fog is out there in the lower lying areas. elsewhere the trip in through northeast, new york avenue, kenilworth avenue starting out quietly. wilson bridge doing okay. barbara and joe good morning. >> good morning. >> jerry, good morning. a look at the big stories happening today. the d.c. council is poised to legalize same sex marriages in the district. today is the second of two votes. mayor adrian fenty said he'll sign it into law. conservative activists are coming to capitol hill.
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activists will rallyefore marching to the senate office building. the supreme court will decide how much privacy employees have when they send text messages from work. some of the terrorism suspects being held in guantanamo bay will soon be moved to a state prison in illinois. an official announcement is expected later today. the prison is in thompson, illinois about 150 miles from chicago. it will reportedly house no more than 100 detainees. good news about teens and drugs. fewer kids are using methamphetamine, one of the most dangerous illegal drugs out there. heads up for your parents. it's what is in your medicine cabinet that experts are worried about. >> reporter: use of methamphetamine is down, so is cocaine, cigarettes and alcohol
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and no increase in teens using lsd, heroin or date rape drugs. >> parents, schools and neighborhood and faith-based groups are involved in educating kids about drug problems we reduce the prlem. >> reporter: still one in three high schoolers say they misuse drugs, marijuana. many think it is safe. >> many are fighting for the legalization of marijuana. that throws kids off. >> reporter: prescription drug abuse is mixed. more younger teens admit abusing the pain killer oxycontin and adderal. >> kids are using them for two reasons. to get high and enhancers when they want to prepare for an
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exam. >> reporter: and a drug that keeps people awake and a mexican herb that teens chew or smoke to get high. now one reason alcohol use is down is because of those eighth and tenth grade surveys. they said it's harder for them to get it. from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts, news 4. >> the survey found most teenagers are not using illegal drugs. stay with us, everyone, "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. fogged in. weather woes caused major travel problems well into last night. what mother nature has in store for us this morning.


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